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Low carbon life is refers to life work and rest when try your best to reduce the energy consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Low carbon life, for we ordinary people is an attitude, not ability, we should actively advocate and to practice low-carbon life, pay attention to the energy saving, fuel-efficient, throttle, start from the intravenous drip.

More than 200 years, with the deepening of industrialization, a large number of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide discharge, make the global temperature rise, climate change, it is indisputable fact. A report by the world meteorological organization said that in recent 10 years is the hottest decade on record global. In addition, global warming also makes the Antarctic ice began to melt, causing sea levels to rise.

If the protection of the environment, protect animals, saving energy these environmental protection concept has become a code of conduct, low carbon life is we need build green lifestyle. Low carbon is a kind of life habit, is a natural to save side the habit of all kinds of resources, as long as you are willing to initiative to discipline yourself, improve your life habit, you can join in. Low carbon life actually very simple to do, such as: the use of traditional clockwork alarm, replace the electronic alarm clock;. Once there is no electric light, air conditioning, conveniently shut off; the jogging in the park to replace on the treadmill exercise;. Use energy-saving lamps to replace the light bulb; don t drive a car to ride a bicycle, etc.

Climate change is not just environmentalists, experts and scholars concern, but is closely related to each of us. If you think you are a person s strength to the earth it is insignificant, why should a low-carbon life? Then you are wrong, you know? A CFL, a solar water heater can do contribution for energy conservation and emissions reduction is small, can be used 1.3 billion people just 1/10 of the people, the saving energy, reducing carbon emissions will be astronomical.

Low carbon life can make our body more healthy, more beautiful environment, why not us?

低碳生活”就是指生活作息時所耗用的能量要盡力減少,從而減低二氧化碳的排放量。 低碳生活,對于我們普通人來說是一種態度,而不是能力,我們應該積極提倡并去實踐低碳生活,注意節電、節油、節氣,從點滴做起。


如果說保護環境、保護動物、節約能源這些環保理念已成行為準則,低碳生活則更是我們急需建立的綠色生活方式。 “低碳”是一種生活習慣,是一種自然而然的去節約身邊各種資源的習慣,只要你愿意主動去約束自己,改善自己的生活習慣,你就可以加入進來。 低碳生活其實做起來很簡單,如:使用傳統的發條鬧鐘,取代電子鬧鐘;.一旦不用電燈、空調,隨手關掉;.用在公園中的慢跑取代在跑步機上的鍛煉;.用節能燈替換燈泡;不開汽車改騎自行車等。

氣候變化不只是環保主義者、專家學者關心的問題,而是與我們每個人息息相關。 如果你覺得你一個人的力量對于整個地球簡直是微乎其微,何必要低碳生活呢?那么你就錯了,你知道嗎? 一只節能燈、一臺太陽能熱水器能為節能減排做的貢獻的確很小,可13億人中只要有1/10的人使用,那節約的能源、減少的碳排量都將會是天文數字!



Low carbon - the two words is indispensable in people s life. Low carbon life is we all need to do it. Of course, low carbon can also be reflected in the little things around us: for example: use an environmental protection bag, use less disposable plastic bags, reduce pollution. To such a small matter, in life there are many, many, as long as we are good at observing life, you will find them.

Light mouth say no, of course, we also have their own actions. So in this I want to give you some low carbon environmental protection tips, let everyone better do a low-carbon little talent:

A. When having a meal, use less disposable chopsticks, spoons, and foam packaging box, multi-purpose multiple sex products, reduce the white pollution, let the earth more natural.

2. Write on the paper, paper can write on both sides. In this way, can reduce half of the trees cut down, a new check air more, a little less carbon dioxide.

3. Travel, as far as possible choose bus or bike, private cars, the less as far as possible to reduce exhaust emissions, reduce pollution to the ozone layer.

4. Wash your hands, try to be multi-purpose monohydrate, hand washing water can flush the toilet, wash the dishes and other things, so that it can reduce the dosage of water, etc. In addition to these recommendations, around us there are some low carbon story, now I ll share with you.

Remember in 2008, zhejiang children s television to make activities in our school, but we don t know what to do, and I don t know how to environmental protection - sometimes a piece of paper, just have a little wrinkle, as waste paper, never know the environmental protection, even the word low carbon not heard of it. But, wait until the activity at the beginning, we know how to environmental protection, low carbon. It turns out that they are to promote environmental protection, had brought us to pieces of small handkerchief, with other children paint environmental protection idea, let us use a handkerchief, less with paper towel, till now, my hands are still in use with that piece of small handkerchief!

Low carbon - this word is already the folks who often say a word, because, now of the earth s environment has been destroyed, many animals are endangered, the ozone layer has also suffered from severe damage. So, we are only now starting to change their habits, and do not waste, and bring together more and more people join the environmental protection cause, do a well-deserved low carbon small s got talent !